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4 Reasons Your Business Needs an HR Consultant

4 Reasons Your Business Needs an HR Consultant

As a business owner, you don’t have the time to handle daily HR tasks on your own. You also can’t afford to overlook key human resource responsibilities. Failure to follow HR best practices can leave your business vulnerable to employee dissatisfaction, high turnover rates, poor productivity, and even legal consequences like lawsuits and penalties.

Whether you’re a small, remote business or an established company with a physical office, hiring an HR consultant will bring a lot of value to your business! Look for an HR consulting team with specialized experience in your industry. Targeted HR Consulting specializes in the construction, mining, and construction industries to provide focused solutions to industry-specific HR challenges.

With that in mind, here are four reasons why your business will benefit from an external HR consultant!

You’re Concerned About Regulatory and Compliance Risks

Regulatory compliance should be your top priority, especially if you work in a highly regulated industry like mining, manufacturing, or construction. Many employers aren’t even aware that they’re violating labor laws by not paying overtime, neglecting to ensure a safe work environment, or failing to cover worker’s injuries. On top of this, you also have to watch out for employment laws that pertain to your specific industry. Hire an HR professional to help you establish company policies that will ensure your compliance with these ever-changing regulations!

You’re Spending Too Much Time on Recruitment

Employee recruitment can eat up a lot of your resources. If you’re spending too much time and money finding and training new staff, hiring an HR consultant is a great investment. HR professionals know the best ways to navigate the recruitment process and secure the perfect candidates for any position. A specialized HR consultant can also help you navigate recruitment challenges that are unique to your niche. For example, with a decline in experienced workers in the mining sector, mining companies are having a tough time finding workers looking for long-term careers in the industry.

 Your Business is Struggling with High Employee Turnover

Poor employee recruitment processes are just one cause behind high employee turnover. According to Social Chorus, companies also experience high turnover when employees are bored or disengaged and can find better job perks elsewhere. As you know, high turnover is expensive. It costs time and money to onboard and train new staff, so you want those new employees to stick around for as long as possible! An HR consultant will help you address turnover issues and implement effective solutions like onboarding programs, regular training, and professional development opportunities.

You Don’t Have an Internal HR Department

You might not have the space or budget for an internal HR department, and even if you do, sometimes it makes more sense to outsource to an HR consulting team. Outsourcing means you won’t have to find and hire candidates, pay benefits, or spend time onboarding these new team members. An external HR consulting company will offer specialized expertise and efficient solutions right out of the gate.

Hiring an HR consultant is a great way to support the best interests of your employees. By ensuring your compliance with employment law, reducing employee turnover, streamlining payroll, and avoiding recruitment mistakes, your HR consultant will benefit your company in multiple ways!


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