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Mining Jobs

Specialized industries require specialized HR. Targeted HR takes into account the special skills and behaviors required to meet the needs and environments involved in the mining industry.

The mining sector requires recruitment solutions that reflect the expertise of the industry. By utilizing our teams extensive knowledge and pooling our finest talent we are able to provide the best staffing solutions available. Comprehensive talent acquisition services include, technical, executive, professional and workforce recruitment as well as complete end to end HR solutions.

Quality Candidates

We believe that sourcing the best quality candidates allows you to achieve your goals and, much like mining, by developing, extracting and discovering your team’s resources we are able to improve your productivity. Targeted HR’s dedication to its processes means that we leave no stone unturned when looking for solutions to your HR requirements. Our team will consult with you so that your company’s values are directly reflected in the quality of staff that works for you. We only ever supply the greatest potential candidates giving you the competitive edge needed within the mining sector.

Targeted HR’s name reflects our solution driven approach to the mining sectors HR needs. We know that there is no one size fits all approach to your business and your HR solutions should be no different. Contact us for tailor made acquisition solutions that suit your every need.

Targeted HR employs specialist recruiters who have numerous years industry experience. Our recruiters are equipped with the right knowledge to ensure that you are placed in the right position and right company when looking for Mining Jobs near Me. With mining jobs being heavily concentrated in specific parts of the United States because of mining deposit locations, our dedicated talent acquisition company is always on hand to assist mining specialists in their job hunt and career growth. When looking for Mining Jobs near Me, job seekers need to keep in mind that approximately 80% of mining establishments in smaller, more rural locations employ few than 20 specialist workers. This makes finding an in to your ideal company far more challenging. By choosing Targeted HR you are able to put your career in the hands of a team who truly cares about your future, financial freedom and job satisfaction. We employ some of the best recruiters on the market who have industry experience and the knowledge to place you in the right position.

Targeted HR has a large selection of Jobs for Mining Engineer ensuring that you find a job that is the best fit for you. We know that only the very best recruiters are needed to make your mining job hunt as easy and seamless as possible. We have forged relationships with key employers within the mining sector. What this means is you are presented with the best of the best when it comes to your job search. From providing top positions to those who are looking to expand or grow within their career to mid-level and starter positions, Targeted HR is a company you can rely on. With many companies, both internationally and locally preferring to work with talent recruitment companies who have prescreened and interviewed their candidates, can you afford not to work with the specialists at Targeted HR? Top-shelf companies want top-shelf employees who fit within their company needs, ethos and values. This is why our team hand selects positions for our recruits, making sure to match the right candidate with the right company every time.

Are you seeking Mining Jobs Underground? The United States is enriched with a wealth of natural resources. With vast investments in the growth and development of the mining sector, both private and public sectors are continually seeking committed employees to assist in an industry that is booming. When mining underground, focus shifts from discovery of natural pockets of resources to the extraction of these resources. As the foundation for so many local economies, underground mining provides career opportunities on a multifaceted level. The team at Targeted HR takes into account the skill level, required behaviors and physical application of skills that are required to apply for any position underground, knowing that safety should always be of paramount importance to our recruits. The mining sector requires many kinds of workers with varying skills level and offers an exciting career path for many school leavers and experienced workers alike. With Targeted HR at your side, the guess work is taken out of your job hunting process.

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