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Women in Construction
August 10, 2016

Women in Construction

Evolving in a number of positive ways over the last few years, the construction workforce has actively embraced both technology and diversity. It is therefore surprising that the industry is still one of the most male-dominated industries in the world. With more than ten million registered construction workers in the US alone, just over 10 percent are female. These figures are further skewed when looking at the percentage of women involved in all construction trades, with a meagre 3.4% of the workforce being women. This means that just over 1 in 20 women are employed in the construction sector.

Why So Few Women are in Construction

Offering plenty of opportunities and Construction Jobs Entry Level, a career in construction should be more balanced in its approach to gender based employment. There is however, a long way to go in order to balance the male to female ratio within the industry. It is, of course, easy to blame a lack of education or universities for not encouraging women to enter into construction but the truth is recruitment bias is probably the leading cause of the female shortage in construction. Company culture and proactive conversation needs to be had by professional HR recruiters in order for women to be advocated and seen as frontline employees. It is these talent acquisition specialists who are paving the way for women to enter into the market and create a sustainable career within the sector.

The role in talent acquisition companies far exceeds temporarily plugging the gap in a market place. Targeted HR acknowledges that change requires a comprehensive commitment, not only from the employee but from all facets of society in order to ensure that employment is sustainable and encourages female growth within the industry. Supporting gender equality includes diversity inclusion but also requires retention of the female workforce within the construction sector. Simply supplying Construction Jobs For Women is not enough. The introduction of diversity is important for most industries, however, some studies have shown that gender diverse companies outperform their competitors by 46% with bottom line cash flow returns being no less than 10% higher when women make up half of their senior management team.

Gender Pay Gap

Critical to Construction Jobs Titles is the gender pay gap issue. The US may have narrowed this significantly over the last few years, but these statistics are once again incredibly biased when women of color are taken into account. On average, the pay gap is a whopping 53.3% of what their male counterparts earn. Talent acquisition companies have shown themselves to be incredibly useful, not only when diligently negotiating to close the gender pay gap but in addressing equal pay rights and policies across all races, ages and education levels. It is this commitment that has seen Targeted HR leveling the playing field across all demographics while encouraging diverse talent recruitment into companies and as a whole, benefiting the industry.

The ways in which HR companies can support and encourage change within the industry is complex. There is no hard and fast rule or formula to success, however with an experienced talent acquisition company supporting female candidates and their right to earn within the industry change is bound to happen. It’s exactly this commitment to bettering company cultures that has made Targeted HR the preferred provider of positions available in construction for women. Laying the groundwork and providing the stepping stones needed to support and bring to the fore women’s voices within the industry is a passion of the company and their team.


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