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Your Career in Industrial Engineering

Your Career in Industrial Engineering

Attracting countless students annually, a career in Industrial Engineering offers the perfect blend of Engineering and Business in one career. It incorporates design, planning, production and manufacturing processes and allows for a vast scope of career opportunities to new graduates and experienced Industrial Engineers the world over. 

Contemplating a Career in Industrial Engineering?
Focusing on the improvement of processes and designs, Industrial Engineering has fast moved into a problem solving career that requires more than a degree. Focus has shifted to efficiency, waste reduction, effective use of raw resources and manpower as well as energy efficiency whilst following the strict safety standards and regulations outlined by industry standards boards. When contemplating a career in Industrial Engineering Jobs Entry Level the specific scope of your sector and which career path is desirable should be taken into context.  As a full spectrum career, Industrial Engineering does not only cover the design of a product but also its manufacture, convenience and safety standards for the end user. In short, without Industrial Engineers, products could not be manufactured for safe usage or consumption in a timeous manner. 

Studying Industrial Engineering
While searching for Industrial Jobs Near Me is a good starting point to ascertain whether a career in Industrial Engineering is for you, knowing your passion and which field of the Industrial sector to enter is equally important. If your career requirements list includes;
* Involvement in an ever evolving, dynamic industry that demands constant learning, upskilling and improvement.
* A solutions driven mindset that encourages a multiple angled approach to problem solving.
* A career in either a technical or management orientated field within technologies and manufacture.
* Making a difference in the lifespan of consumable products, then Industrial Engineering is probably the right career path for you.

Once you have ascertained which aspect of Industrial Engineering most appeals to you and once you have completed the relevant Bachelor’s Qualification the search for Industrial Design

Jobs can begin. While the most common jobs within the sector are; Production and Operations Planning, International production and operations management, Materials handling and Logistics and Operations scheduling the industry offers a varied and wide career pool. From design to manufacturing, logistics and management, Industrial Engineering offers something in most sectors for those who have chosen to enter into the field. 

Finding a Job in Industrial Engineering
Finding employment in today’s economy is difficult but by partnering with a Talent Acquisition company who has your best interests at heart from the beginning of your job hunt, takes some of the hard work out of the process. With Targeted HR at your side, navigating the wide range of skills shortages and positions available to Industrial Engineers becomes easier while knowing that your career goals and financial objectives are being kept in mind. Far from being a “place and leave” HR company, Targeted HR takes a vested interest in their talent finding the right company fit for future growth and career stability. Each one of our consultants trusts in your ability and education and because of that, ensures that your career in Industrial Engineering is fruitful and as satisfying as you had hoped it would be. 


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